Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bowel issues

Today I didn't eat lunch. I worked all through the day and then when I got home did a ton of yard work. At 8:00 I finally ate a great chicken salad that Cathi made. I was energized and ready to swim so we both went with Jacob.

I got in and swam the following:

2000 - 2 x 1000 Free - 13:58, 15:25

Some guy got in my lane when I was on the other end and he assumed I was circle swimming when in fact I was just swimming on the south side of the lane. Well halfway down I really nailed him with my left hand. We both apologized and I said that I would stay on the left side and we continued. My dark goggles are so scratched, plus with the low lighting there is no way I could see him in time. I was going to do two more 1000's, but just before starting my third set I felt like someone was stabbing me in the gut on the right side. I went into the John and I'll suffice with "wow!" I was still really crampy on the right side afterwards so I just hobbled to the steamroom and laid down till Cathi was done. No more going without lunch anymore! My stomach was retaliating and boy was it painful.
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