Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coach Gridley

Today Cathi called me at work and told me that Darin Izatt and his son Michael wanted to join me at the pool this evening. Michael is trying out for the Clearfield swim team and wanted some last minute tips which might help him "make the team". I told him that he would for sure make the team. No swim coach is gonna cut somebody. Its usually the person trying out who "cut themselves".

His stroke looked pretty good, just a couple minor things to work on, but it looked fine. Some tips I gave which applies to any young man trying out for a swim team:

  • Get a tight fitting swim suit, either a speedo or a jammer. I usually get mine from Penelope on ebay.

  • Get the foam rimmed goggles. The plastic lipped goggles suck! They don't seal good at all.

  • Get a short haircut or get used to a swim cap. I thought this topic would probably upset him so I didn't bring it up, but he'll figure this one out.

  • Keep a swim log! You can't really notice your improvement if you don't record your workouts (distance and reps), or your times.

  • Swimming is both an individual and a team sport - you informally compete against your teammates which helps you all get faster and motivates you.

  • Learn to love flipturns. The coach will get upset if you avoid flipturns. You will swim hundreds of miles throughout your high school career. Don't procrastinate learning how to do flipturns and do them, even if they aren't perfect for the first few weeks.

Michael and Darin both swam around 500 yards. My swimming was cut short cause I felt guilty just swimming laps while they were working on technique. I felt a little obligated to stop and give feedback or answer questions. I didn't mind though. But I only did about 1200 yards total.

It felt good to be able to be of assistance today. Will have a normal distance workout tomorrow.

1200 yards
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