Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eric has improved!

Met Eric at SDRC at 6:15 this morning so he could try my wetsuit. Man he is faster and stronger. Last time I swam with him he only did 400 yards in 25 yard increments and he was breathing after each 25 like he just ran a mile. Now he's doing 1000 straight, and he's doing it rather fast considering he's only been doing laps for a few months. I'm amazed actually at how far he's come so fast. I bet he'll be surprised at how well he does at the triathlon. His worries about the swim are justified, but unwarranted given what I saw in the pool today.

I did the same things as yesterday except I did a 100 IM at the end instead of 100 free sprint:

4400 - 4 x (1000 free, 100 breast)
100 IM

4500 Yards total

Tired today. Definitely need to taper now for Saturday. No more biking or swimming the rest of this week (which is a real drag). But after this Saturday, my yardage is going to go sky high cause of the October 4th Pocatello ride.
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