Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Waiting for Cathi - 800 Yards in 10:57

Today I was late staying at work and agreed to meet Cathi at the pool. I got there at 8:45 and waiting until 9:10. I went out in the lobby to use the phone to call home and she was sitting on the bench talking to Irene, the custodian. I grabbed my suit and rushed to the pool. I had planned on doing a video of 850 yards and then top it off with more to get in around 3000 yards.

My right foot was killing me. So I only did 1150 yards today. I lost count at the 200 yard mark and ended up only doing 800 yards. My splits would have put me at around 11:30 for the 850. I need to get that under 11:00 by July. 800 in 10:57 is an average 100 split of around 1:22. Need to get that around 1:17

After the video I did 350 yards more or slow stuff and got out.
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