Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bilateral Breathing

Today I was reading online from a triathlon site that swimming in choppy water really requires the ability to breathe on both sides in case one side is choppier than the other. So today I focused on that.

1000 - 2 x 500's (breathe on one side only for 25 yards and then switch sides)
1700 - 17 x 100's bilateral breathing and breathing same side for 25 and switch
50 Grandpa swimming with Cathi

2750 Yards total

Today's pool was very crowded there were three people or more in every lane so every lane was circle swimming. It's typical for the pool to be busy on Monday but today was abnormal.

Swimming on the left side wasn't too bad. I'm sure my stroke looks like crap when I breathe on the left. At first I was bringing my head too far out of the water, but I think I got better as time went on. I'll need to practice this every day in order to make it a habit and skill to breathe on both sides.
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