Saturday, March 8, 2008

Masters Swimming at Bountiful

This morning I met with Eric and gave him some feedback on his freestyle stroke. I had him start with Bilateral Breathing. He has a tendency to bring his head too far out of the water and looking forward. Some techniques I had him focus on were:
  • Exhale underwater to allow only inward breathing when mouth is out of water

  • Breathe at 5:00 and 7:00 to force chin to stay close to shoulder. He has a tendency to breathe at 11:00 and 1:00 which makes his head come out of the water.

  • Kick hard to get his lower body more vertical in the water.

  • Get a full upper body stroke rather than get arms to come out halfway through the stroke.

We swam:
400 - 16 x 25's free
then he went biking upstairs while I joined in the Masters swim. The Coach (Tim) told me to get into lane three since there were only three other swimmers in that lane. This was the medium speed lane. I got in and circle swam with them. I ended up lapping them every 100 yards or so. I wanted to move up as I could sense the other swimmers were getting frustrated, but with it being my first time and not knowing the temperament of the coach decided to just bear with it and stay in the lane. They were doing a 30 minute swim to see how far they could go. I joined in about halfway. I didn't keep a strict count of my laps as I wasn't able to really go at a pace I enjoyed. I would guess though that I swam around 900 yards.

Then the coach split the top four lanes into two teams and we did a "pursuit relay". That is where each member of the relay team swims 25 sprint and on the other end another member sprints back. You keep going until the other team catches up. We swam for 15 minutes before the other team caught up. The teams were fairly even and consisted of medium - fast swimmers. But our team didn't end up victorious. There was another swimmer there named Jennifer that introduced herself. Seems like a good group to swim with.

I bought a punch pass since I plan on playing racquetball there weeekly and swimming with Eric. They also meet on Thursday at 8:00 - 9:00 am which is great cause that is right after racquetball so I might as well go since I'm there anyway. So I will swim with the masters group twice a week. Thursday and Saturday mornings.

1550 yards total
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