Saturday, March 12, 1994


800 - 500 swim, 300 kick

1000 - 10 x 100's free on 3:00 getting below 1:05

100 - ez

1900 total

I had a 3800 workout made up but only did this much because I was kind of tired from playing full court BB with the guys here. I played pretty good for an RM with not much playing time after the mission.

Also Sarah began working after the last 100 so I quit because I don't even want to swim in her presence anymore. She waved at me and I nodded and spit water in her direction when she wasn't looking. I got out when she wasn't looking either so I wouldn't have to return my kickboard and clock. Just left it all there for her to get herself.

I wanted to go to the dance so bad but couldn't think of anyone to go with so I watched Saturday night live in the lounge instead.
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