Friday, March 11, 1994

Gettin' Dogged

800 - 500 swim, 300 kick

1000 - 5 x 200's on 4:00 long stretchers

1500 - 60 x 25's fly on 1:00

3300 total

Today I swam at 3:00 because I was in the mood to do something physical. Sarah dogged me hard at 3:00. I asked her to the dance tonight but she said no because she was going with a bunch of friends. I guess I am not a friend. So I left and she told me to call her or come to swim while she was at work tomorrow.

Bull! It is over! I came home and ripped up her picture and all things that reminded me of her. I was extremely angry and started doing calisthenics to Nine Ince Nails but went swimming after 20 minutes of it.

I had planned on doing 100 x 25's fly but 1:00 is to much rest. Plus everyone was getting in my way so I felt content with 60 and left.

Shawn played racquetball with me since we were the only ones home this weekend. I was glad rather than stay at home and feel sad over Sarah's loss.
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