Thursday, March 24, 1994

24 Mar 1994

500 - warmup

250 - 10 x 25's fly only one breath down on 1:00

100 - ez

250 - 10 x 25's fly no breaths on 1:00

250 - 5 x 50's alternate free and fly on 1:00

100 - pull ez

100 - sprint (:59)

250 - warmdown

1800 total

Jadie let me borrow her knee wrap and it seemed to help quite a bit compared to yesterday's pain. But it still hurt in between sets. I am going to go buy one at the book store today.

I have no classes today because they are all cancelled so I am going to be trying to keep myself busy today. I am going to get this swim team thing turned in so that we can get busy with recruiting. I am also going to Inservice at 2:00.

I will then swim this evening at 5-7. That is my day. Pretty boring huh.


100 - free

50 - breast

50 - back

25 - fly

25 - sidestroke

250 total


200 - free warmup

200 - 2 x 100's fast on 2:00

1200 - 8 x 75's control on 1:30

8 x 50's build on 1:00

8 x 25's race on :30

200 - 2 x 100's fast

200 - ez

200 - 2 x 100's fast

2200 total

I met Anndee Shingleton from Castlerock, Colorado. She is up for the seekend with her friends mother to see her brother. She swam quick and I told her of next semesters swim team. By the way, I turned in the constitution and roster of officers at the ASRC office today. Brother Zirker says it is good what is happening. I wait for them to contact me to tell me if it is approved.

Anyhow I was talking to Anndee and she is coming her next fall and she has been swimming ever since she was 6. She swam pretty dang quick.

I found out that it is $8.00 to enter into the triathalon on April 9th. I called Don Leslie who is on the track team and he can't do the running because of a track meet down in Provo. So it looks like we won't take first afterall since all the runners are going to Provo. I guess I'll just do it with Sarah or maybe not, I don't know.

My knee didn't hurt one bit at the afternoon workout and I was really happy about that. I got in a terrible mood the last couple days because of it. But I am happy now because my ear no longer hurts ( I had a terrible ear ache) and my knee no longer is in pain. So I am thankful. It has been a pretty good day afterall.

Day's total - 4,250 Yes!
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