Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Short GSL Swim with Stacey

Met Stacey at GSL Marina at 1645.  Got in at the boat ramp and man the water is sure down!  I hope we have a really packed winter and get lots of snow!

We swam out to the red buoy and then from there pretty much split up.  I think she was a little cold and decided to do her own thing so she could return without interrupting my swim.  I decided to swim along the deep channel buoys towards Saltair.

I got to the easternmost buoy and then checked the GPS: .88 miles.
Panorama pic looks like crap when the waves make you move and can't stay steady.

I then swam back to the main entrance and then swam north for a few minutes and then swam back into the marina.

Water temp: 65 degrees

Total: 1.88 miles in 59 minutes
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