Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Medical crap. Check!

Yesterday afternoon I got my physical done for MIMS.  I went the extra mile and opted to get the Heptatis A and B vaccine.  It's a three part series, one now, one in a month and one in April.  I asked her about antibiotics and she said that if I got sick I could just call in my symptoms and she would phone in a prescription to a pharmacy of my choice in New York.  Sounds reasonable.

Me and my dog, Max chilling last Sunday to Conference.
I got my Polar Bear shirt last week and I have enjoyed wearing it.  Makes me get geared up mentally for my ice mile attempt in a couple months.  Looking forward to colder temperatures so I can really get my cold water acclimatization going.   For MIMS I needed an EKG (since I'm over 40).  Which was convenient because I needed one anyway for the Ice Mile.  She said it looked great.  My pulse was under 60 so it's labeled "sinas bradycardia" which the doctor says isn't necessarily a bad thing.   A lower heart rate just accompanies a heart that's in good shape. Here's the EKG.

This morning I got up at 0345 and swam at SDRC.  Here's the workout I put to paper last night before bed and swam successfully this morning:

400 free warmup
400 kick no fins
1600 - 8 x 200's odd free even IM :5 - :10 ri
3000 - 6 x 500's odd pull (large paddles), even free focus on quality catch and good form. : 10 ri
600 - 8 x 75's weighted 25, 50 free strong on 1:15
4050 - 3 x (6 x 100's free desc (1:20 -> 1:14) on 1:30, 400 pull, 200 free strong effort, 100 kick no fins, 50 sprint)
150 finger paddles warm down

10,200 yards in 2:55

This afternoon swam at GSL for 1.29 miles according to GPS.  Water was cooler than last week.  Average temp was 61°F.  Water felt fine though and didn't have any issues with being too cold during or after the swim.  Looking forward to the 50s!

1.29 total in 35 minutes

Total for the day:  7 miles

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