Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Government shutdown affecting Slam the Dam

Yesterday many of my friends were face smacked with the news of Slam the Dam being cancelled.  I didn't register this year because of the goofy format for the Grand Slam: Swim 8K, get out then after a certain period of time get back in for the 1.2 mile.  I hate that.  Since Cathi is running St. George Marathon I took that as an excuse to not register.  Good thing I didn't register, cause I didn't lose any money.

It wasn't the race director's fault.  The federal government shut down yesterday, and with Lake Mead being a National Park and not a state park, the race had to shut down since the park is shut down.  Lots of ticked off swimmers.

This morning I got to the pool at 6:02am.  Paul and James didn't show!  That's a first!

I swam Andy's workout twice through:

300 free easy
200 kick
450 - 6 x 75's Rolling IM's on 1:15 drill the fly and free strokes
1600 - 4 x (4 x 100's pull) odd groups free, even groups stroke/free by 25 on 1:20 for the free, 1:30 for the stroke sets
200 - 8 x 25's kick with fins sprint on :25
600 - 12 x 50's free sprint on :50

6,700 yards

Then I did 13 x 100's finger paddles easy free on 1:45

8,000 yards total in 2:28

A couple days ago I got this community calendar/coupon book in the mail.  The theme of the calendar was "Deep Sea Creatures".  The main cover picture was of Great White Shark with this saying:

"Many people do not survive shark attacks.  The mouths of sharks are designed for tearing, not chewing.  A single bite from a Great White Shark, the largest predatory fish in the sea, can cut a person in two."

That really pissed me off.  What bull crap!  They fail to mention that shark numbers are dwindling because of overfishing and the odds of even getting attacked are less than many other absurd scenarios that are more likely to kill you.  It's this kind of hype and irrational fear-mongery that just makes me shake my head.  I threw the calendar/coupons in the garbage and Jonas fished it out twice!

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