Thursday, October 10, 2013

Almost psyched myself out!

This morning I came up with this Saturday's plan.  This afternoon I got off work and went to the GSL Marina.  It was rainy all day and very overcast and breezy.  When I got to the marina I stopped at the restrooms to change, but after a few seconds observing the flags blowing aggressively and the wind chill I started to second guess my resolve.  I looked down at the boat ramp and saw several vehicles.  Wasn't sure if anyone was planning on joining me so I drove down.

Sure enough Jim's truck was there and he wasn't in the cab.  I drove to the ramp and there he was swimming in.  I quickly changed in my car and started to run down the ramp, just as he was getting out.   I was so grateful he came because I seriously would have turned around and went home.  Which would have been a HUGE mistake cause the water felt just fine.  I wasn't cold and swam four laps to the marina exit and back.  It was really choppy once I got to the marina opening, but relatively smooth inside the marina.  I was thinking about the ice mile and how it might be 15 degrees cooler.

Total 1 mile in 25:58  Water temp was 56.4 degrees F.  Can't allow myself to get psyched out like that and chicken out!

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