Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Very sunny GSL swim

Today's weather was fantastic!  There was only a slight breeze and the GSL had very minor wave action going on.  The water temp was 58°F according to my watch, and the sun was out in full force so the Gridley Straight was much more enjoyable this time around.

I felt relaxed and warm enough to really enjoy it. On the way back I took a route further out from shore so that when I got back I had to swim south just to get to the red buoy just outside the marina opening.  My GPS batteries had died during my swim, but a conservative estimate for today's swim  was roughly 2.3 miles.

There were pockets of colder water and water that was probably just under 60.  I also held a very easy pace and was able to focus on my Distance Per Stroke rather than flailing my arms like mad just to stay warm.  It was really nice.  Looking forward to Thursday.

Total Distnace: 2.3 miles in 1:03
Daily total: Over 10,000 yards in 2:48

I lubed up real good so the only thing that was bothered were the inside of my lips.  Should be fine by Thursday.  
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