Monday, April 16, 2012

Dumb and Dumber

This weekend has been nuts.  I spent the weekend babying a very sick child while Cathi took Jonas and Lucy out of town to a marathon.  She did good, she took first place for the women (out of 3 women).  :)

Anyway I was helping Austin and Jacob setup this new basketball standard.  We had to lift this pole (with the backboard and rim attached to the end, into another pole that we had cemented into the ground.  It was heavy and awkward to work with since the weight was unbalanced.  We managed to get it lifted up 2 feet and as we lowered it into the other pole, my leg was too close to the pole and it got pinched pretty good.  I was wearing jeans thank goodness, but I realized that I still had done some damage.  When I went in afterward and looked at it.  I had a 1 inch by 1/2 inch section of my leg where the skin was gone, and a 3x3inch bruise.  Pretty gross looking.

Then on Sunday I was wrestling in the front room with Jacob for fun.  He's about half my weight, but much more skilled at wrestling moves.  He almost had me pinned and was using his holds to try to maintain it.  I couldn't let my 14 year old beat me so I busted out of it, but I exerted myself a little much and felt like I broke a rib.  It's very tender and can feel it when I breathe deep.

Two dumb moves.  And I spent Sunday early morning with a sick kid at the emergency room.  He's not doing well at all.  They're thinking he has pnemonia.  So this morning's swim was far from relaxing.  Kyle had us doing a set of 300's that was killing me.  I wasn't able to keep up at all and was getting lapped by Dennis Tesch.  I tried going to a different lane, but they were just as fast.  I pretty much sucked today.  I couldn't catch my breath and the pool felt like it was in the 90's.  I called it after halfway through the entire workout.  Here's what I did:

500 free before masters
600 warm up
900 - 12 x 75's kick/drill/swim
900 - 3 x 300's finger paddles on 4:00
300 - tried to keep going on these sets, but only got through 300 more, then choked.

Got out.  Lame
3,200 yards total

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