Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's just a pretzel

Met Chad at the GSL Marina and we did the same route as two weeks ago.  Except we didn't swim all the way in to Silver Sands.  We went to where the white buoy was supposed to be, but then cut back in and went to the marina.

Today's swim felt like swimming at Surf N' Swim with the waves on.  It was very wavy.  I ended up getting water in my mouth and down my throat faster than I could gag and that happened twice.  Nasty!  I kept saying, it's just a pretzel, to help it taste a little better.

The water felt much colder than last time.  I took a reading with my watch 15 minutes into the swim.  54.4°F.  Brrr.  My goggles also kept fogging up and no matter how much I stopped to spit in them they never went clear.  The even started leaking.  So time for a new pair.  Nothings more frustrating that trying to swim in the GSL with foggy or leaky goggles.

Total distance according to GPS: 1.8 miles in 1:08 ( did quite a bit of breaststroke thanks to the crappy goggles)
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