Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting bullied out of the pool

Watch this video!  

This is not very dissimilar from a bully who's getting away with pissing in the pool and kicking everyone out of the pool.  Pool Management needs to hear your voice, otherwise life is gonna suck for the GSL pretty soon.

Please send an email RIGHT NOW to: 
  • Jason Gipson, Project Manager of US Army Corps of Engineers (Reference SPK-2007-00121)  Email: jason.a.gipson@usace.army.mil   Please let him know your thoughts on the proposed expansion and why you feel it shouldn't be allowed.  
  • Laura Vernon -  lvernon@swca.com
Without enough voices the entire west side of the Great Salt Lake is open game for any big corporation who wants to have their way with the lake.  Please help!

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