Saturday, April 7, 2012

Swimming into the waves

This morning I helped do a huge egg hunt for our family.  It was fun.  Then we went to Surf N' Swim for Jonas' 10th Bday party.  Lots of fun.  Then got the thumbs up from Cathi to head out to GSL Marina.  Met up with Chad Starks.  The water was quite a bit colder than Thursday.  I could tell getting in that it was less than 55.

I had to Spot GPS, but instead of pushing it in my SSD snugly put right side up, I put it in my watertight container.  So it was jostled about.  It needs to be right side up in order to track.  So either it flopped over, or I totally messed up and didn't hit the track button properly, or hit it twice.  Anyway,  Chad had his own GPS tracking gadget on the back of his goggles, so I'm gonna go off of his stats.

We got out of the marina and decided to swim into the waves heading north.  The wind was causing the waves to come in pretty good.  It was alot of fun and good Channel practice.  Went north for 31 minutes, then headed north east to a pair of red/green buoys we saw.  We stopped and I took a temp with my watch:  54°F!  It felt about that cold.  But at the same time we both were doing well.

Kind of looks like the Toronto Blue Jays Logo
We went south towards Silversands beach.  When we got there, we both were feeling fine and the elapsed time was 56 minutes.  So we decided to swim back to the marina opening and head back to the boat ramp.

When I got inside the marina I really poured it on and got the boat ramp.  Saw Chad back a bit and I still wanted more so I swam back out to him and then back in with him.

When I got out my watch said 1:09.  His GPS stats said 1:96, but I'm gonna throw on an additional .04 for that little extra I did at the end.  We chatted a little and I got to know him a little bit.  He has a very impressive swimming history.  He was very eager when I told him I'd that I plan on coming out at least three times a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

2.00 miles in 1:09

Not the longest Saturday swim, but given the nice cool temp, I'm got my hour in and that was what I wanted.  I've focused on distance all winter, now it's about consistent cold water exposure.  I can pick up the distance as the water warms up a little too.

Oh yeah,  I made breakfast in bed for my kayakers this morning.  I made pancakes and eggs for Austin, Jacob and Lucy.  Plus I took Lucy out on a date last night.  We saw Redemption.  It was great.  I love that movie.  Considering all the crappy movies out there that are playing right now, it sure is nice to see one that teaches a lesson rather than is just a bunch of fancy visual effects and just a bunch of violence.  Anyway, I'm so grateful for my support boat kids and hope they can continue to provide the wonderful support!

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