Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dad/Daughter time

Lucy and I at the boat ramp getting ready to go.  
Today at Noon Lucy and I embarked for an adventure on the GSL, Antelope Island style.  We got to the marina and there was only a couple thin white clouds.  Lots of sunshine and a very slight breeze from the west.

Taking a picture with an Ipod touch in the middle of the lake.
I would never attempt this in any other body of water.
You don't need to tread, just hold still and you can keep your
hands above water.  I'm not standing up here.
We went west from the Marina and took a wide course around Egg island.  From there we went south straight to Buffalo Point.  When the GPS read 3 miles we turned around and came back.  The water temp was a little chilly (63°F), but bearable.  We turned around and came back the way we came.  Lucy got really eager to get back and took a more direct route to the Marina, too close to Egg Island.  Seagulls were getting nervous and did many close circles around her.  I continued to do the wider course.  She slowed up a bit and when I caught up she was talking to Mom on the Cell phone.

With only about 15 minutes before arriving back, she was informed that Cathi had hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and would be ready to eat as soon as we got home.  That got me kicking my feet and we hurried and loaded up the kayak and made our way home.

What an awesome day.  The water was like glass for most of the swim and I had greased up enough to not have any trouble spots.  Lucy did a great job paddling too and I never had to worry about her.  She obviously wasn't worried about me the last 1/4 of the swim as she was ahead of me by about 100 yards.  Call me strange.  I'm the type of guy who likes to feel sore after a workout.  I'm also the type to like it when my tongue goes numb and pickled.  Meant I had an awesome long swim in the lake.

Total distance 5.90 miles in 2:59
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