Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trying not to covet being 6' 6" tall

This morning when I got to the pool at 4:50 every lane was taken with some old guy sitting on the deck.  I went with the nice guy who wears fins.  Next to me was David Balling.  He's a local masters swimmer who has age group records.  He's fast.

I got in and started the swim promptly at 5:01:

800 free warmup
5500 - 100, 200, 300, 400...1000 free :05 ri
These were good cause David was doing a ton of 100's on I think 1:30.  He was doing like 1:10-1:15 on them so he was passing me up, but because of his rest interval I was slowly lapping him.  When I finished this set he told me to come over and take his place since every lane had two people in it and his partner was leaving too.  
 3000 - 4 x 50's breast, 2 x 100's free, 4 x 50's back, 2 x 150's free, 4 x 50's one arm fly, 2 x 200's free, 4 x 50's breast, 2 x 250's free, 4 x 50's back, 2 x 300's free, 4 x 50's one arm fly
500 free pull w/ ankle strap

3000 - 6 x 500's (pull (no strap), kick, swim, kick, swim, pull (no strap))
I really sprinted the last 150 of the last 500 pull.  I think I was doing sub 1:00 100 it was really fast.  I felt so great!
400 IM cooldown

13,400 yards total - I actually got out of the pool thinking to myself "If I could make a living out of swimming all day long, I would change careers".  Don't get me wrong, I love my job.   But I definitely love swimming even more!

Had a talk with BJ Christensen about his plans for next year.  What a lucky guy to not just be so dang tall, but so athletic and have such great success with his events.  Its a shame, but I covet tall people.  I'd would love to be like 6'6".  That would naturally mean I'd have an additional 6" on my arms and my swimming would greatly benefit!  But no, I'm a stalky 5'11" doofus who I'm sure is an object of scorn among those who think old fat dudes in speedos are funny.  So I'm learning to just be thankful for what I have.  I could be like 5'6 or something.  That would suck.
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