Thursday, December 9, 2010

Completed the Lake Huron Swim - 250 miles in 70 days

Tonight I went to SDRC to swim the last 6000 yards of the 250 mile swim I've been tracking since October 1st when I started.  Here is a copy of the spreadsheet that has all the daily totals and stats.

Sorry about the crappy quality, I only had my cell and not a real camera.
Tonight I did:

2000 yards free
2000 yards pull
1000 yards free
1000 - 10 x 100's odd IM, even free on 1:45

6000 yards total
19,400 yards total including this morning's swim.

Cathi and some of the kids showed up at the pool about 1000 yards into the swim so they stayed for over an hour watching me finish.  They brought a huge poster and cheered from the stands.  I'm sure everyone was wondering what they were cheering for.  I sure appreciated that Cathi came out to cheer me at the "virtual shore" on the south end of Lake Huron!  It would have been very anti-climactic to finish and get out without any kind of acknowledgement so it made me feel appreciated when she came out to do that!  Thank you Cathi!  What an awesome wife huh?

Now I can taper my workouts down a little.  I'd like to keep going and see if I can do a 2-way before the race cutoff of March 31st.  But I won't need to rush it as much.
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