Wednesday, December 22, 2010

11th Day of Christmas

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

11 x 100's IM order

1000 pulling
9 x 100 IM/Free on 2:00
8 texas 50's
7 x 50's drilling
6 x 50's pulling
500 free
4 x 100's kick
3 x 50's back
2 x one arm Fly drills and
50 Easy


Here's the Masters workout I did as well:

500 Warmup
200 - 8 x 25's 2 swim, kick drill swim
800 - 2 x 400's 1st pull, 2nd IM
1200 - 2 x 600's - 1st 12 x 50's free fast on 1:00, 2nd - 300 pull, 200 back, 100 free
400 IM kick with fins
400 - 4 x 100's fast (1:04, 1:08, 1:10, 1:12)
100 easy

8600 yards total

Got out a little earlier than planned.  I wasn't in the mood to start the 12th day of Christmas only to have to get out halfway through so I went to work a little earlier.  I'll do the 12th day tomorrow.  I got my January lifeguard schedule and am very pleased.  I'll be working T/Th 5-7am and Sat 6-9am  This will allow me to get my swims in with Masters during the week, but miss Saturday, but I'll steal the workout from them on Saturday and swim it after I get off at 9 and double it.  

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