Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chlorine Burn

2000 - 2 x 4-4-4 (400, 4x100(on 1:30), 4x50(on :45))
3000 - 3 x 1000 :30 rest. hold channel pace, and aim to go the exact same times for all 3 

Eat a cereal bar, and drink some water
100 - 100 recovery, do some backstroke/double arms to loosen shoulders
900 - 18 x 50 free odds push-off 20yds fast no breath, rest easy; evens no push-start, 15 yards fast no breath, rest easy. 1:00
500 - 5 x 100 kick freestyle, go 50 regular kick w/ a board, 50 kick on back no board          

water and another cereal bar
3000 - 2 x 1500 free.  Get a drink and hurry into next set. Get the 3000 under 45 minutes
100 - 100 easy 
400 - 8x50 backstroke on :55
 nice and easy
300 kick no fins

12,300 yards total

My face is on fire!  It is red and painful.  I think the chlorine is strong or something.  I also ran out of energy and was running out of time.  Nothing's worse than spending a Saturday in the pool, when the kids are at home driving Mom crazy and I should be there to help do the jobs and then HAVE FUN!  The kids need a Dad so I "sacrificed" my last 7700 yards for the fam. :)

Need to do 12000 yards M-F next week and I'll be done!

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