Monday, December 27, 2010

No Equipment

I had to lifeguard this morning from 5-7.  So today's swim was a little lighter compared to normal.

I read this blog entry yesterday and realized that I probably do spend way too much time swimming with equipment.  Now I always take Terry's blogs with a grain of salt.  I mean I NEVER use a pool buoy unless I'm also using my supersized hand paddles, so I believe that by eliminating the kick and putting more emphasis on the pull with the paddles in combination with the buoys that it gives me more upper body work.  However, there could be some truth to Terry's though process, so today, I thought I would just swim with just a pair of goggles (and my Rob's Aquatic speedo of course!)

2600 yards free no rest, go right into...
400 IM easy no rest...
1000 free free go right into
400 IM easy then into
3600 yards free

8000 yards total

1000 yards into my swim BJ Christensen jumped in and did a fast 100 yards.  Then he got into his normal pace. I was trying to keep up and picked up my pace just a bit.  It was nice having someone right next to me who would do more than just sets of 100 and would do a nice long pull on their stroke and go long.  I was able to hang with him which was nice.

I'm hoping to do 20 more miles for the rest of this week totaling 150 miles for the month of December.  That would be sweet!
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