Friday, February 22, 2008

SwimQuest 500

I'm thinking about putting together a group of at least 10 people want to join an online competition to swim 500 Miles. These would be primarily people who swim for fitness and not professionally (for college or high school). They could be participants in Masters swimming, but not for people who typically can swim the English Channel every other weekend.

I would be willing to sponsor the winnings of $100 USD given that:

1) There are at least 10 participants
2) Each participant agree to post their workouts and their total yards for each workout.
3) Each participant seriously consider this challenge and not get "flaky" and drop out after a couple weeks.

I'd like to get help designing T-Shirts and whether you're first or not, get a free t-shirt if you reach the 500 mile mark and join the 500 mile swim hall of fame.

Anyone who is interested in this leave a comment and/or send me an email.
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