Tuesday, February 5, 2008

750 M Swim with workout

Today I was asked to provide an estimate of how long it would take me to swim 750 Meters (820 yards) in the Tomax Triathlon coming up in July. So I figured I would video an attempt this evening of it. You can download it here, or just watch it from this post.

The resolution of the embedded video here is too small to really see, so if you download you can playback in full screen mode for a better picture.


100 - 1:08
200 - 1:23 (2:31)
300 - 1:24 (3:55)
400 - 1:27 (5:22)
500 - 1:29 (6:51)
600 - 1:28 (8:19)
700 - 1:30 (9:49)
800 - 1:30 (11:19)
850 - :44 (12:03)

The first 100 some guy next to me was swimming hard and the proud doofus in me wasn't about to let him pass me so I stayed with him. I should have just let him go so I could pace myself. The next bunch of hundreds were all much slower. It was a crowded pool today.

Here is the total workout:

850 Free - get out stop video and then finish up 1000 by doing
150 Free
100 Breast to let Cathi catch up
1500 - 6 x 250 free
500 - 5 x 100's free. GO Fast

3100 Yards total

Some factors which should make my time faster in July:

1) I've been swimming for about 4 months now pretty steadily. July is five months from now so I should be significantly more in shape by then.
2) If my weight loss goals hit their targets I should be down to 200 pounds (currently at 225) by then so I'll have less baggage to pull.
3) Adrenaline - being in a race provides more adrenaline than just doing a dumb video.
4) Colder water. Layton surf n' swim's pool temperature definitely isn't warm, but it isn't the coldest lap pool I've swam in. Cool water is better for making you go! Well as long as its not too cold.

Some factors which will negatively affect my time in July:
1) It won't be a pool with straight lines to look at underwater. I'll have to bring my head out and look forward every once in a while to see where I'm going.
2) It will be wavy. Turbulent water definitely will slow you down. No lane lines in the triathlon.
3) No flipturns in a lake!

So with that in mind, I'm expecting my time in July to be pretty comparable to what I did today given that the positive and negative factors simply cancel each other out.
So I would estimate 750 M to take roughly 11:30 - 12:00 minutes.
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