Monday, February 25, 2008

Speeding to the pool

Cathi was late coming back from taking some of the kids skating. I had the younger ones at home. She showed up at 8:50. We typically leave for the pool at 8:45 so we had to rush to the pool. We were only a couple minutes late but I was pretty impatient and was yelling a bit. I apologized but felt pretty dumb after the workout cause we still got in 3000 yards.

1000 Warmup - Every other 50 yards bilateral breathing
1800 - 6 x (200 Build up free, 100 Free fast)
200 - Cooldown

3000 Yards total

Had a pleasant conversation on the way home and all grumpiness had leaked from me into the water. Cathi too was forgiving and we ended the day on a good note.
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