Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Breathing and Butterfly

750 - 15 x 50's Free Descending Breathing starting at 8 breaths down 7 back, 7 down 7 back, 7 down 6 back.... finish on 0 down 1 back. Success on all of them Last one wasn't as bad as I thought. Next time I'll go for 0 down 0 back.
250 - 10 x 25's Butterfly on 1:00
1000 total

Austin came with us today. I had a very tight fitting speedo that I quit wearing and it fit him perfectly. He swam 500 yards today and has quite a bit of cleanup on his form, but he was getting better and I was surprised with how well he was doing even at the end he did a 50 free straight and didn't feel overwhelmed. He said he wants to come everytime with us. We'll see. I told him he could come twice a week. I'm selfish. When I come I want to swim, not coach.
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