Friday, February 26, 2010

Steroid Sandwiches

This morning I went to see the ENT specialist again to have him check my hearing. It's still just as bad. He numbed up my nasal area and stuck a long camera up my nose. He said I still had some swelling up in the Eustachian tube. He told me to go get a hearing test. I set up an appointment for this afternoon, so I took today off work so I could get all this crap taken care of in one day rather than draw it out and take time off another day as well. I also got a couple more prescriptions. The Dr. said that one of them was a steroid and that the first day I would take six pills, five the next and so on. So the first couple days he said a side affect would that I would feel wired. I was kind of excited to hear that cause of the long swim tomorrow.

So this evening's swim was let me just say, one of the best workouts ever. I made long strong strokes and my shoulders didn't ache, I didn't feel out of breath, my bilateral breathing was perfect and I was feeling very smooth and efficient in the water. Plus I was getting kick butt times on all my sets. Could be a placebo affect, but man I feel great! Very excited for tomorrow's swim as well. Plus I have an appointment at 9:00am for a 50 minute professional massage.

Here's tonight's workout:

800 (200 kick drill kick swim)
3000 - On this set hold avg 100 split of timed 1000 earlier in wk. Stay strong and focused.
1000 on 15:00 (13:47)
800 on 12:00 (11:25)
600 on 9:00 CR(Can't remember split time, but it was nice)
400 on 6:00 cr
200 on 3:00 (2:27)
100 stretch out back
2500 - 100 on 1:30 (1:24)
300 on 4:30 (@4:00)
500 on 7:30 (6:58)
700 on 10:30 cr
900 on 13:30 cr

200 - 4x50 back warmdown

Total 6600

I ended up banking quite a bit on the build up set. I banked 5 seconds or more per 200. Same with the going up set. I didn't miscount one bit on these. I was very focused this workout. My mind did drift a little thinking about how freaking cold that Bear Lake swim is gonna be in July (probably around 55) and I just hope I don't get hypothermia. I am a little worried about getting cold water acclimation before then.
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