Saturday, February 27, 2010

Massage and then 11K

This morning I got a 50 minute massage at 9am. I had her focus just on my back and especially the inside shoulder blades. Wow. Even though I've had Jonas work on it when they were really bad this last week, the knots were still there and boy did it feel great afterwards. I felt so loose and ready for a good swim and that's just what I did. Went to SDRC. I'm telling you the SDRC pool is a real treat. It's like a reward to swim there. I love it.

1000 - 400 swim, 300 kick, 200 drill, 100 swim
4000 - 2x2000 1st one - fins and pads aim for 1:20 pace (<26:40), 2nd one - paddles, buoy and ankle strap. Rest 2:00 between
I can't remember my times on these, but I was swimming parallel to the massive digital timer on the wall, and noticed when breathing to the side, that I was able to maintain about a 1:18-1:19 100 yard. So I kicked butt on these. But that's to be expected whenever I use paddles. They're my favorite thing to use in the water! Funny thing was, my 2nd set was just as fast as my first set with fins. I still hardly kick even when swimming with fins. They're more for a good underwater kick off the wall, after that, I just do a wimpy two beat kick to keep them streamline.

200 - 4x50 odds back evens free ez 1:00
3300 - 2x1650 no equipment descending. Beat 23:07 each time. 2:00 ri (22:30, 21:48)
I felt really strong on these. The first one I did strong and the last one I really turned on the power. I was pleased with that time. It is only 49 seconds slower than my PR. (20:59)

200 - 4x50 odds back evens free ez 1:00
2000 - 2x1000 all out sprint faster than 14:07. (14:07, 14:01) Again focus on stroke, push it!
On this set I didn't have quite the drive as the 1650s but I still felt good. I didn't have any pain at all and never ran out of breath. Kept my stroke long and strong. I was hoping to get these under 14:00, but even with sprinting the last 300 I still couldn't quite get there. But at least I met the cutoff time on the first one and cut a measly 6 seconds on the second one. Those were tough!

100 easy double arm back
200 - 4x50 odds back evens free ez 1:00

Total 11000

Again - no pain in the shoulders during this workout. Felt a little tight on the last 1000 and just a small amount of discomfort in the lower back, but nothing major and I still was able to get the descending time on the 1000 so it wasn't bad.

What a great workout! Now to go home and help the kids with the yard and baby my sick wife (who ran 20 miles this morning even when sick! Crazy woman!)
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