Friday, February 19, 2010

Why are Friday night swims so awesome?

Seems like the last three times I've swam on Friday nights, I left the pool feeling great! My theory is that the SDRC pool is a much better pool for me. The temp is cooler, the are alot of underwater lights so it doesn't feel so gloomy, and the chlorine brand they use doesn't have a lasting aftertaste :)

Today's workout had to come from memory. I printed out the prescribed workout this morning, put it in my pocket for this evening and when I went to retrieve it, it was gone. It was pretty close to what I had on my plate anyway:

1000 - 4x4x4
1000 - 2 x 500's kick with fins
2400 - 12 x 200's on 3:00 (first 6 w/ pads only, second 6 no equipment)
Held 2:24-2:27 on the first six and 2:40-2:45 on the last six. The first six I really focused on a good extension and nice pull. My heart rate on the first six probably didn't even get above 100. Those were nice an easy so I was very pleased with the times as well. The second six on the other hand my stroke rate was obviously faster, but I still tried to keep them at a moderate pace.

200 IM recovery
600 - 2 x 3 x 100's free descend 1-3 twice. Make the second set of three a little faster than the first set.
(1:27, 1:21, 1:12 then 1:24, 1:18, 1:11)
Got a major cramp in my upper left calf muscle the last 50 of the last 100 which I was sprinting so my kick was negligible on that 100 so I was very surprised to still pull a 1:11.

200 IM recovery

5400 yards total

This was a little more yardage than I had printed out for, but Fridays are special so I get to put a little more yards in than normal.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting up early with Austin to go up to Evanston, Wyoming for the Chinese New Year Table Tennis Tournament. This year will be the first year I have NOT played in probably 10 years. Austin on the other hand will do quite well. He is probably at around a 1300-1400 level.

I found out that the rec center where we are playing at has lap swim from 10am-noon so I'll be in the pool when the ladder rounds are going. I don't imagine that they keep the pool real cool there, but we'll see. I'd like to get in at least 5500 yards or so.
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