Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doing my part to get used to the cold

So last night I made this smoothy, which so far, has been the best one I've made. Here's the recipe:

Gords' healthy Strawberry-banana smoothie
3 bananas
3/4 C sugar
3 C crushed ice
@ 1 C fat free milk
1 C strawberries

Blend. If too thick, add more milk, if not thick enough add more ice, if not sweet enough, add more sugar.

Now in Utah, you can't do open water swimming in the winter. Everyone is ice fishing. So you can either buy your own pool and keep it cool, take cold baths and showers, go outside naked, or just make yourself this smoothie and drink it kinda fast it in your cold house, half dressed while watching the Winter Olympics.

YUM! and BRRRR! Prepare for mild hypothermia.

Here's this morning's workout:

600 - 300 warmup, 200 kick, 100 build
2000 - 2x1000 (75 moderate pace, 25 strong x10) :30 rest between each 1000
900 - 3x300 (50 moderate, 50 strong) on 4:30 (4:14, 4:11, 4:09)
take two minutes to recover
100 fast (just under 1:05)
200 warmdown

3800 yards total

This workout was fantastic! I liked how the 1000 was split up into 100's with a focus on picking up the pace on the last 25 of each 100. And on the 300's I liked how I had to go strong every other 50. My heart rate after the third 300 was at 160bpm. Dang good workout! And I didn't feel like a wuss.
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