Monday, February 15, 2010

Swimming with ear plugs

1800 easy (30:00 even)
1000- 10x100 odds kick evens pull buoy. 2:30 on kick, 1:45 on pull, easy-moderate pace
800 - 4x200 pull with band and pads easy on 3:30 bank
600 - 12x50 odds back on 1:00, evens free :50
400 - 16x25 4x (1 easy, 1 fast, 1 drill, 1 fast drill) on :30
700 warmdown

5300 Yards total (3 miles)

Didn't ever feel "good", or fast on this. It was a struggle from the first stroke. That is to be expected though given that its my first swim in two weeks. My ears are still plugged up from the inside. I used ear plugs today just to make sure to keep water out.

I'm done taking my antibiotics, and I'm still plugged up just as bad, but no pain. The Dr. said if it isn't better in two more weeks, to come back. I'm not about to skip out on swimming for another two weeks, so I'll just use ear plugs until I'm clear. The cause of the infection is NOT from the outside, but from the inside. I got a cold and the infection came from my nasal area, not from water in my outer ear canal. So that's good.

Next workout is on Wednesday morning.
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