Saturday, March 28, 2009

Results of the 2009 Utah Masters State Championship Meet

Here are the events I entered with the seed time, goal time and actual:

EventSeed TimeGoal TimeActual Time
1650 Free21:16.4821:30.0021:09.10
50 Free25.5125.0025.12
500 Free5:51.135:50.005:44.31
100 Free55.8455.5055.22
200 Free2:02.361:59.992:03.47

From Swimming

I was most pleased with my 1650, 500, 50, and 100. I was disappointed with the 200. That was my last event and by that time my arms felt heavy. I didn't feel as hyped as the other events and was feeling not so confident that I could meet my goal. But I was pleased that it wasn't worse.

Here's some video of the 500, 100 and 200.
From Swimming

I'm surprised I did as well at this meet given that I took a few months off over winter and only started up again mid February. I'm expecting that the meet in November will be much better as I will be at the end of the season there and ready to wrap it up with a strong finish and good times.

I'm planning on swimming 5 events at the Utah Summer Games this year instead of doing Table Tennis. I'm also planning two triathlons and the Deer Creek Open Water Marathon (10K). So lots of swimming ahead for this year and its starting off on a great note! I had a fun time.

I ended up shaving my head because I was touching up the sides without using a mirror and I went too high on one side and looked like a lopsided doofus so the only way to correct it was just to shave it all off.

"Why are you wearing you hood like that?" - Napolean
"I shaved my head and I don't want anyone to see." - Pedro
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