Saturday, November 29, 2008

Using the Force

This morning I slept in and went to Layton at 9:30. Cathi got up early to do a long run so I left the kids in Austin and Jacob's charge.

1000 - 1000 free
100 - 100 Breast Easy
1000 - 10 x 100's free pull on 1:30 (1:15 or less)
1000 - 10 x 100's IM Kick on 2:00
50 EZ

I was going to continue on, but kept thinking I should call home to get Cathi to bring the kids so I could give Jonas and Lucy a swim lesson. Then I would finish my workout while she was on her way.

When I called home Jacob called and said mom was kind of stranded and wanted a ride. I packed up my things and went home. Cathi called again and said she was on 2000 W in Clinton. I went to pick her up. Poor thing had run 21 miles and got really cold and tired and needed to get home. She was hypothermic. Her hands had no feeling and she was a complete icicle.

The situation kind of reminded me of when Luke was hanging upside down on the dingleberry at cloud city and needed help and used the force to call out for Leia. Maybe I have the force! After Cathi took a long warm bath, we took the kids back to Layton and I gave Lucy and Jonas a lesson. Which they really did well. Only thing is I'm gonna have to bring them back on a regular basis or it won't do much good. I really see both of those kids being young enough and skilled enough to be great swimmers.
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