Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Swimming Strong

Last night I swam at Layton the following:

1500 - 1500 Free (21:38)
1000 - 1000 Free Pull set
1500 - 1500 Free again

4000 Yards total. I made an effort to count the number of strokes per 25 yards and my typical stride was 10 full strokes, sometimes if I made an effort to kick harder and pull all the way through I would do 9.5 and in a couple cases 9 strokes, but 9 - 10 was the range. Counting my strokes keeps my mind focused on each stroke and making them as efficient as possible.

This morning I swam at SDRC on the way to work. Cut the yardage down so I can get a tapering effect. Tomorrow I'll just swim 1000 or so and then take Friday off. Meet on Saturday. Here's what I did this morning:

500 - 500 Free (6:00 even) That's awesome. I would love to get under 6:00 at the meet.
400 - 400 Free Count the strokes and keep them under 10 per 25.
300 - 300 Free Count strokes and get time (3:05) That's really unbelievable. I must have miscounted cause I didn't go that fast. So I did an extra 50 breast to make up for the miscount.
200 - 200 Free fast (2:22) I want less than 2:20 at the meet
100 - 100 Sprint (1:04) I want 1:00 or less at the meet.
200 kick
100 Touch and Pull
100 Kick on Side for 50 and one arm for 50
100 Breast

2000 Yards total
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