Friday, November 7, 2008

Talk with Kris

Yesterday evening Cathi and I attended World Joy dinner with Bill. Didn't make it back in time to swim, so I went this morning instead at SDRC.

1000 - 1000 yards free
1000 - 100 Fly kick, 200 Free, 100 Free kick, 200 Free, 100 Br kick, 200 Free, 100 back kick
1000 - 5 x 100's on 1:30 (1:15 - 1:18 on all), 10 x 50's on :45 (:35 - :40 on all)

3000 Yards total

Met with Kris Edwards and talked about tris. She said Jordanelle isn't good, but St. George is awesome. Will keep that in mind when I do next summer's tris. She encouraged me to come to Masters at Bountiful, and that Monday's are their distance day. That is tempting. I would like some distance training.
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