Monday, March 15, 2004

15 Mar 2004

200 Warmup

800 - 4 x (100's free on 2:30, 50 EZ on 1:30, 25 sprint on :30, 25 EZ)

200 IM

300 - 3 x 100's pull on 2:00

1500 Total

I bought a new van this last week so I haven't been in the mood for swimming much. We went to the cabin this weekend with the kids and we had alot of fun. The pool at Northwest last Thursday was too busy for me to even get in, so I worked a deal out with Connie at Northwest where I can swim at Steiner West as if I were at Northwest. I should be getting a new pass tomorrow. Steiner's pool is so much better. The water is cooler, the lanes are wider, the people swim faster there and it is probably just as fast to get there as Northwest. Tomorrow my goal is to get back up to 1800 or 2000.
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