Tuesday, May 6, 2014

First day at Steiner's 50M pool!

This morning I woke up to the alarm just having come out of a pretty vivid dream.  I talked with Cathi about it, and then hurried off to Steiner.  They opened their outdoor LCM pool yesterday and I was eager to watch the sun rise during my swim.

I got there before the 6:30 outdoor pool opening, so I swam 1,650 SCY before.

I swam 6 x 1000's watching my 100 intervals and kept them under 1:45.

That was a good pace that I could hold all day.  I did pull the 5th 1000, but other than that swam with no equipment.

1,650 yards + 6000 Meters = 8,200 yards total in 2:15

This evening I was supposed to meet Jim at Bountiful Lake, but it ended up just being me.  I was pressed for time so I only got in one lap.

Total: 1.05 miles open water in 30 minutes

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