Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Swimming with SALT

This morning the pool was insanely crowded.  There were a ton of UofU capped swimmers in the lanes.  I figure it was the U swim team or something.  I swam with Gary in the far lane where it was just three in the lane.  Swam 1100 yards before going outside.

In the LCM pool swam 1,900 meters with SALT masters club.  Then swam with the 2nd masters group coached by Dominique.  Swam 2,100 meters with them, then did 1,500 more meters on my own afterwards:

Total: 7,000 yards in 2:00

My lower back is really giving me trouble.  It's not swimming related, its from an injury I got a while back playing soccer with Lucy. Going for another visit to Dr. Dudley today.

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