Friday, May 2, 2014

Cinco De Mayo Postal

This morning I slept in.  Wow, my lifting has been taking a toll (in addition to yesterday's pushups between 100s).  I did 300 pushups yesterday and my lats and triceps are feeling it.  At this point I set a goal just to get under 6:00, but 5:45 would be the ideal target.

The Masters team did a nice warmup that Kris organized:

Warm-up: 100 Choice Swim
100 Kick
100 Pull opt. (400)
Warm-up Set: All 50’s @.15-.20 Rest
1 x 50 Free EZ
1 x 50 Choice Build to 80%
1 x 50 Free EZ
2 x 50 Choice Build to 85%
1 x 50 Free EZ
3 x 50 Choice Build to 90%
1 x 50 Free EZ
4 x 50 Choice Build to 95% (700)

Then helped time and count for the previous two heats of swimmers.  Then it was my turn.  I went out slow and at 100 just tried to maintain a strong pace.  Felt good.

I ended up with a 5:44.89.  Nice!  I'll take that given, I'm hairy as a rat, didn't wear a cap, and sore as a dog.

Didn't warm down.  Total: 1,600 yards

After work I stopped by at Bountiful Lake where I met Sarah for a swim around the lake.  The water was fantastic.  No breeze, the sun was out and the water temp was perfect.  61 degrees at the coldest spots on the lake, and 66.8 at the highest.  I swam two full laps around the outside edge, staying far enough out that I wouldn't interfere with all the fishermen.  GPS read 2.10 miles when I was done.

Good times.  Daily total: 3.0 miles
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