Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Morning Cool down

This morning I swam with South Davis Masters and then met Sarah at Bountiful Lake for a morning open water swim at 9am:

Here's Lynette's workout:

12 x 150's odd free, even fly/back breast by 50
12 x 50's odd 12 kick then 3 strokes, even swim
150 - 6 x 25's skull, kick

3 sets of {
    25 fast/ 25 easy
    3 x 50's fast on 1:00,
    100 easy

200 - 8 x 25's sprint on 1:00
250 easy

3,600 yards in 1:20

Then did one full lap in Bountiful Lake.  Started to get cold, and also annoyed with the number of fisherman so I joined Sarah in her smaller laps around the two islands which is shorter than a perimeter swim, but also avoid fisherman completely.  Did two of those. 

GPS read 2.25 miles when I got out.  The water temp according to my watch ranged from 60 - 62 degrees.

Total 4.25 miles
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