Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cold rough water swim in the GSL

This is not how bad it was today.  Probably half this bad.
Met up with Chad and Sam at the GSL Marina tonight.  It was raining and the air temp was in the 50s.  The wind was going fairly strong from the west.  I suggested that we swim to the marina opening and follow the Total time was 35:13 and distance on Chad's GPS was 1.3 miles
buoy line east towards Saltair and then turn around and swim back to Silversands beach.  They all agreed.

Fun, but not my favorite to swim in that crap.  The water was cool: 56 degrees and I was shaking pretty good on the way home.  Took a shower at my Mom's cause I was just too dang cold and I don't have heat in my piece of crap car.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning's swim at Steiner.
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