Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hot tubbing with Chad, Sarah and Lisa

Hot tubbing in the sense that it was warm water (69 degrees at the GSL).  Funny that I noticed a post on facebook earlier in the day where a triathlete was whining about how cold their weekend's water venue was projecting the water to be (69°F), and that they were looking for a neoprene cap!

Pretty soon the water will clear up and we'll be able
to enjoy watching the bottom of the lake while swimming!
The sun was out and there was no breeze.  We swam out to black rock, and sat in the shallows and talked for about 20 minutes!  It was fun!  Never chatted like that during a training swim.  Then we swam back to the marina.  Sarah and Lisa ran out of time, but Chad and I did one more lap.

On the way back to the marina on the second lap, all I could think about were the two sandwiches that I had prepared for after my swim.  I was famished!  I knew that in order to get 4 full miles logged I would have to take a wide arch back to the marina since the water level is so far down, it's a little short of a full mile for a Gridley Straight.  But I didn't care, I wanted food!  So I booked it straight for the marina opening.

Logged 3.75 miles and didn't have ANY chaffing despite my scruffy face just regrowing thanks to Cathi's false alarm on taking family pictures!  My back is giving me crap.  I think I have a pinched nerve.  If it keeps up I'll go see a Dr. next week, cause the chiropractor visits aren't doing much.

LV10K in 2 days!  Arriving on Friday for a preview of Lake Mead before the race.
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