Saturday, May 17, 2014

Results of LV10K at Lake Mead

Getting ready to go!

Last night I slept so good, considering it was kinda hot and we were in a 5x6 tent, and I didn't have a pillow. I used my duffle bag as a pillow.  The sun came up at 0530 and I felt refreshed.  Got up and got ready.  Got down to the water and did a short warmup out the first turn and back (about 460 meters total).

Met Cynthia Kraft as I was coming out of the water.  Then I saw John Chung, and Jim McConica whom I had not yet met, but knew via facebook.  He's a legend and it was an honor meeting him.  Joined up with Sue, Todd and Sarah and we had some pep talk chat and had a brief safety meeting and then waded into the water.  Also introduced them to Dominique who also was swimming the 10K.

$2! Can you believe that!?
What a crying shame.
Last week I was discussing fuels with James Hardy and he suggested I try this fuel that he was extremely convinced was the best thing on the market.  It's called Vitargo.  I experimented with it on Wednesday and it tasted fine.  My coworker Alex also convinced me to buy some Creatine.  One scoop of Vitargo, and one scoop (which is tiny) of creatine.  Then 16 ounces of water.  Shake like mad and this concoction will provide all the energy you could ever need.

The water this morning read 67 on both my watch and on the duck thermometer I bought last night on clearance at Albertsons.  Kara told me her thermometer broke and needed an official reading.  Funny that my $2 thermometer (backed up by my watch) was the official race thermometer.

Elvis in stilts is a pretty cool spokes-
person.  But Elvis in stilts wearing a
speedo would be epic!
They counted us down and by the time we got to the first turnaround I was in my groove and passed all the 10K swimmers that I was gonna pass the rest of the race.  It was me and this guy from Ontario (who I met after the race - his name was Gary).  I drafted off him for a good portion of the first lap, but he got caught up a little at the feed station, but I was able to grab my drink, walk around the table at the same time of gulping like mad.  I then went on to my second lap.  My body was holding up just fine.  I noticed a significant breeze coming from the south,
Finish of  the first lap, three more to go
so the swim to the north was awesome, but going that 1K long length to the south end was tough.  It was choppy and I must have swallowed about a quart of lake water accidentally.  I noticed that Gary had caught up to me halfway through that second lap, so I picked it up.  Especially on that long choppy portion.  I think I have an advantage on that.  I mind chop a little less than the average person.  Don't get me wrong I prefer glass, but if there is some chop, bring it on boy!

At the end of the second lap I still felt strong.  I ended up with a 5K time of 1:20. I knew I would probably have my third lap be the toughest, so I was determined to really put James Hardy's Vitargo to the test and push it hard on that third lap and if I bonk, then I know it's crap.  I swam really hard.. When I finished that third lap, my time was 2:04.  The chop was affecting me, not my strength.  I felt awesome.

Todd, Sue, Sarah, me and Kathy
On the final lap, I gulped the rest of that drink down and sprinted the entire last lap.  I saw one 10K swimmer up ahead of me about 50 yards so I gave it all I had.  When I finished he was only 10 feet from him, then I took a closer look and it was John Chung!  I was pleased to have finished only a few seconds behind him.  He's dang fast.  My final time was 2:48:12.  I was hoping for under 2:40, but I seriously gave it all I had and was extremely pleased with my performance completely due to my effort.  The time you really can't compare from one year to another, or your place compared to someone else.  I gave 100% and left it all out there, and finished strong.

Sarah finishes and is thrilled to have
her first official marathon open water
swim in the books!
I'm very pleased with that new fuel, and will use it for MIMS instead of my old Perpetuem standby which was a real pain to mix, and tasted like crap.

When Sarah got out she was all smiles and upbeat.  She wasn't completely spent and said she thoroughly enjoyed that swim.  That made me glad that she did so well.  She's officially a marathon swimmer and completely prepared for Antelope to Black Rock.  She's gonna rock it!

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