Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Spontaneous cold water swim

Can you see the small fish? It's kind of a blur cause it's
really swimming fast to get out of the way.
Last night's plans to go see a movie as a family fell through due to a meeting with Isaac's football team that Cathi offered to go to.  I was going to do a short swim at the pool, but with this new development decided to grab the two youngest and go up to the cabin for one final cold water swim.  It went well and I really enjoyed the view of all the various rocks under the water.  Such a variety of rocks that it really amazes me.  How in the heck did they get there?  I mean they're all so different that I just don't understand how they could have been put there.  One of the mysteries of God for me.

I saw several fish including the big silver one, and the many different "lizard fish".  Did 45 minutes this evening and then enjoyed a meal with the kids and watched some Sponge Bob Square Pants with them.  Went to bed and slept in again this morning.  Ahh, that feels so good!

Planning a short swim after work on the way home at the pool.  Then tomorrow will be my last home swim before Catalina!  Yippee!

Total: More than 1 mile - 45 minutes of swimming
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