Saturday, August 3, 2013

300th open water swim

Today I did a bunch of yard work, and then went lifting.  A few hours later I left for Deer Creek to meet with Goody and Sue for a swim.  I got there about an hour later than I planned.  My triceps were very sore from the last two lifting sessions.  It was tough keeping up with Sue.  She was pushing me pretty hard, and I ended up letting her go the last mile.  I was spent.  The water temp on my watch read 75 degrees.

The SLOW Board (minus Chad)
After the swim met up with Josh, and we had our "clinic".  Funny thing only three people registered.  It was a very personal instruction followed by a swim.  Rachel and Tanya were our swimmers and we took them for a swim out from the ramp.

Tanya told me that just one year ago she didn't know how to swim at all.  She's overcome some fears and is now a swimmer, and her stroke is fantastic!  I'm very impressed with how Kate has done coaching her.  Her form looks very good.  She has some confidence issues, but once she gets more experience and mentally aware of her strength, she'll be a rock star.  Goody and I swam side by side with her to encourage her.  We swam a round trip route that was probably 200 yards.

No lie, I saw her stroke and saw a marathon swimmer.  What a great day!

Today was my 300th swim in open water.  A pretty cool milestone I think.

3.75 miles in 2:05
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