Friday, August 9, 2013

Celebrating my Channelversary

Exactly on year ago to the minute I was in the middle of the English Channel in the zone.

Lake Tahoe - probably the most beautiful fresh water
swims in the western US.
Last night I spent in a large tent with my family at Jamie's Swim Camp in Truckee.  It was really cool talking with some friends that I rarely see.   I especially enjoyed the conversation that I had with Evan and learned more about MIMS and the application process.  I always enjoy talking with Lynn.  She is such a bright ray of sunshine.  I'm so glad she's my observer.

This morning I got the kids to help me break camp and we all drove to the west side of Lake Tahoe.  Goody and I were in for a long route which Jamie said was 2.5 miles.  We got to the second long pier that was the turnaround point.  We got there exactly in one hour.  No way that was 2.5 miles.

The water so clear and blue it was breathtaking.  I dove down and picked up several items from the bottom which was about 12 -15 feet down.  I picked up:

  • Someone's reading glasses
  • A fishfinder console
  • Needle nose pliers
  • A dead prawn

Karen Rogers has a couple kayakers with us which was nice as an extra precaution against getting ran over by boaters.

It was a beautiful swim this morning and a fantastic way to celebrate my Channelversary.  Next up - Catalina.  If the conditions are kind, it should be a success!

Be sure to checkout my Spot starting around 11pm on Tuesday night!

Total:  Estimated 4 miles in 2:02
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