Thursday, August 22, 2013

Brainstorming about a calendaring tool for marathon swims

I love watching spotGPS in action!  
So I found out just this morning that Bob Needham is swimming the English Channel!  Apparently he made an attempt the same day I did Catalina, but it was too rough and had to call it after six hours.  He wasn't about to give up so he got a different pilot (Paul Foreman) and is swimming right now!  So excited for him.  I'm following his spot throughout the day today. He's got David Barra on his crew.  Pretty cool.

I also found out that Lynn is swimming around Anacapa in a couple weeks too.  This got me to thinking.  It would really be nice if had a calendaring tool that allowed users to enter their big swims in a calendar along with links to twitter, spotGPS, or facebook for those who want to follow them during their swims.  The site already has a calendar of marathon swim events, but I'm more interested in following individual marathon swims like channel crossings or island circumnavigations that are done by individuals that I am acquainted with.

It would have to be restricted to marathon swims of significance and not just training swims, cause it would suck to have the calendar get really bogged down with more than say a couple dozen swims on a given day.

Just an idea.

This morning I did:

5500 - 11 x 500's odd free, even (drill, IM, paddles, antipaddles, kicking, you name it)

5500 yards completed in 95 minutes
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