Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Introducing tonight's theme: Making some magic

Right now it's eight hours until my time to jump in the water.  I am scheduling this post to go active while the Outrider motors us out to Catalina Island.

I've pondered how marathon swimming is like life.  We come to existence on Earth individually, but not completely alone.  We are part of a family unit.  We have our trials individually and within a family.  When a family comes together to support each other, that is when life is really meaningful and pleasurable. Individually we wouldn't be able to amount to much, but collectively, well that is quite a different story.

In order for a channel swim to be a success takes essentially three things (well and many more, but here are the main three):
  1. The swimmer
  2. The goal.  (The swim)
  3. The support group (crew, boat pilot, kind words from home, etc...)
Take one of those elements out and you could have either nothing special, a fatality waiting to happen, or just a fancy party cruise.  When you have all three, that's where some real magic happens, regardless of the end result.

Tonight my crew has been hand picked and before I even jump in the water, I want to express my appreciation for their willingness to come and be a part of my family!  I couldn't do this alone.  And thank you to every one of you who has sent messages of support online on facebook, email, or in person.  It means a lot to know I have many friends who are interested and care.  Thank you!  Without your support, this swim wouldn't be nearly as magical for me.  

Next post will be after the finish...  Go to facebook or twitter for realtime updates, or to my spot GPS for my location during the swim.  
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